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Feb 22, 2017

Tinder - The online swipe based card game that more often than not leads you to the virtual jungle of hysterical horndogs. Like Pokemon Go the catches are endless and dating this way requires it’s own map and legend, used to decipher old codes and experiences that our friend Cheryl has had in her years of dating. Cheryl talks about some of the most charming propositions she’s received through the app, and some of her best and worst hookup experiences. featuring a Disney hunk that showed her a whole new world of towel soaking squirting. To get us started, Jeremie and Bryde discuss the likelihood of a birthday orgy for Jeremie’s next landmark birthday. Experienced party throwers, it seems like they may need to do a little more research while they work on their guest list.



Sorrey - My Fault

Rich Aucoin - Brian Wilson Is A.L.i.V.E


Shout out to @Sp00nfed for the post work


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