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Sep 18, 2019

The hosts share some vulnerabilities and sing along with Brittney. Jeremie and Bryde talk to Jeanette about kink and she shares some misadventures in nipple play and butt plugs.


Sep 11, 2019

Your rectum is hotter than your mouth. Your armpit is colder than your mouth. Hurricane sex for survival. The hosts contemplate the great area of wanting different things than your partner. Ivy and Violet join Bryde and Jeremie in the studio to talk about being Bestie Lovers and what platonic intimacy looks like.

Sep 4, 2019

Turn Me On is celebrating World Sexual Health Day! They asked their amazing listeners their burning questions - from HPV to masturbation to group sex.

And who better to help with those questions? Dr. Tellier, former Director of McGill’s Student Health Services and associate professor of family medicine. He's all in,...

Aug 28, 2019

Are we inherently creative? The hosts debate. A listener gets advice on dealing with a partner's new fantasy. Bryde and Jeremie chat with Andrea, author of Single Girl Problems and host of a podcast by the same name. Andrea showed up with a gift bag of sex toys, tales of teenage sluttery, and sound advice for...

Aug 21, 2019

Bryde and Jeremie are back in the same room at last after a wild festival season and a whirlwind of summer activities. The hosts take a stab at one listeners question about breaking up and maintaining closeness with the ex’s family. Caitlin joins the hosts in Toronto to talk about post-secondary education in spanking...